(līf′stīl′, prŏf′īl′z) n.
1. A way of life or style of
living that reflects attitudes
and values of a person or
2. A biographical essay
presenting the subject’s most
noteworthy characteristics
and achievements.






Home Sweet Hell

Close quarters can be a living nightmare. (Boston Globe Magazine, 1/23/2011)

The Billionaire and the Bookstore

Is it good for a town to rely on its very own sugar mama? (Boston Globe Magazine, 8/31/2008)

Perfection Inc. Chris Kimball built a company that is thriving as the rest of the media industry collapses like an undercooked souffle. (Boston Globe Magazine, 8/02/2009)

People Changing the Way We Live We’re all in this together, but these folks
make it seem less crowded. (Amtrak’s Arrive Magazine, 6/2007)

Safe and (sort of) Secure Nobody feels completely recession-proof. But these
folks are about as unlikely as anyone to be unemployed soon. (Boston Globe Sunday
Magazine, 3/23/2009)

The Executioner’s Song Getting laid-off sucks. Being the one swinging the axe
is a close second. (Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 3/1/2009)

The Job Without Benefits Why bread-winner wives are still doing most of the homework. (Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 3/11/2007)

The Shaper of Things to Come If you want to know what Boston will one day
look like, you have to know Kairos Shen. (Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 6/29/2008)

Handle With Care What with all the new age sermonizing? All I want is a massage.
(Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 5/4/2008)

The Cape is Calling Now is the time to buy your dream home on Cape Cod.
(Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 3/16/2008)

Upstairs, Downstairs How two sisters gut-renovated a wreck and didn’t kill
each other in the process (Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 2/24/2008)

Make Way for Millionaires They’re loud and proud and taking over from the Brahmins. Meet the new rich. (Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, 5/14/2006)

Check Yourself Who pays for the first date? (Lola, 5/2009)

The Cheap Bastard’s Guide to Boston A humorous guide to everything free
or obscenely cheap in Beantown. (Globe Pequot Press, 2007)

Hoop Dreams All Steve Belkin ever wanted was to own a basketball team. Even millionaires should be careful what they wish for. (Boston Magazine, 10/2005)

Out of Nowhere When a person comes out of the closet, often the
most surprised person in the room is the spouse. (Boston Magazine, 12/2004)