(hyōō′mǝr, ĕs′ā′z) n. 1. The
quality that makes something
laughable or amusing;
2. A short literary
composition on a single
subject, usually presenting the
personal view of the author.





A River Runs Through It A Man. A Woman. A Canoe. A Fight. (7/11/2003)

Call Me Dated On the eve of my wedding, here's what I can tell you about playing
the field. (6/13/2003)

Householder Etiquette Buying the place is the easy part. (5/16/2003)

Burp and Be Free It's not crude; it's a blow against puritanical repression. (3/1/2001)

The Boss of Me Why do we all turn into 15-year-olds around our parents. (8/18/2000)

Real-Life Survivor Some game shows I'd really like to see. (7/7/2000)

Thong Thang In praise of bottom floss. (1/21/2000)

Sexual Harassment You'll miss it when it's gone. (10/1/1999)

Both Sides Now Think it’s hard dating someone with kids. Try being the kids. (6/3/2005)

Oh, Baby How to preserve a friendship with someone who's spawned an ugly child. (9/9/2002)

Defusing the F-Bomb When the foul-mouthed are forced to swallow their
words, can anything but indigestion result. (6/13/2002)

Drive, She Said Before you get him in the sack, get him behind the wheel. (3/22/2002)

Sea to Shining Sea Seeing this great land of ours—the hard way. (10/11/2001)

The Purge The emotional trauma of cleaning out the closet. (6/29/2002)

Lying Down Why I'd make a terrible spy. (3/15/2009)

The Vicious Circle You love him, he loves her, she loves…. Etc. (10/27/2000)

101 Damnations The humorists’ tour of personal hells. (HarperCollins, 2002)

More Mirth of a Nation The best contemporary humor. (Dunne Books, 2002)

Take This Job and… It feels good to burn bridges, but it’s never a good idea, especially in Boston. (Boston Sunday Globe Magazine, 6/1/2008)

No Pain, No Allowance If your Pee Wee Football team looks more buff than usual,
we know why. (Boston Magazine, 9/2005)

A Modest Proposal Charity athletic events are great, but when do we get our
streets back? (Boston Magazine, 7/2005)